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Dear Madhu,
Thank you for the reply.
I've tried both $_GET["sid"] and $_POST["sid"] in page2.php

   $var1 = $_GET["sid"];
   $var2 = $_POST["sid"];
   echo $var1;
   echo $var2;
this time nothing is printed in the browser, but if put var1 and var2 in the echo statement in quotes browser simply prints - $var1 $var2
I'm not able to fetch the value in sid i passed from page1.php
i've tried <form action='page2.php' method='post'> also in page1.php
That also didn't work. What could be the reason.

My intension is to create a page like the one in any email inbox. On clicking the "subject" link it should show the detailed page.

please advise.

Thanks and regards
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