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A long overdue update to my own quetion:

After installing Windows 2003, I configured IIS then turned off the service. Then I installed Apache and configured it to listen on the proper IP and port.

In this case the problem was that IIS 6.0 has a feature called Socket Pooling that claims all ports for all loaded IP addresses, even if not configured in IIS.

So, IIS was hogging port 80 on the IP address I'd designated as the Apache address and causing it to not run.

What I had to do was:

1- Extract the httpcfg.exe utility from the support tools area on the Win2003 CD.
2 - stop all IIS services: net stop http /y
3 - have IIS listen only on the IP address I'd designated for IIS: httpcfg set iplisten -i
4 - make sure: httpcfg query iplisten (the ip's listed are the only ip addresses that IIS will be listening on and no other)
5- restart IIS Services: net start w3svc

Voila! Apache is listening on its default ports on and IIS is listening on its default ports on

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