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Default store multiple values in a string

Hi Friends,

I am new user of ASP.NET. I'm trying to store the multiple values in
a string, but very time it override the pervious value whenever I
call the function through a command button.

Please help me out.

Here I also enclosing the sample coding for your reference

<%@Page Language=VB Debug=True %>
<Script runat="server">

Dim WorkExperience as String

Sub Page_Load(ByVal Sender as Object, ByVal E as EventArgs)

lblMessage.Text = "Press a button !"

WorkExperience +=" Hello !"

End Sub

Sub SubmitBtn_AddValue(Sender as Object, E as EventArgs)

WorkExperience + = "IT Officer"
WorkExperience + = "01,"
WorkExperience + = "2002,"
WorkExperience + = "02,"
WorkExperience + = "2002,"
WorkExperience + = "Hello2,"
WorkExperience + = "+"

lblMessage.Text= WorkExperience

End Sub


<form runat="server">
text="Add Value"


Try to run the above cited code. You will find a button named
as "Add Value", if u press this button it will display a dummy
value, now I want that if you press this Add Value more than once
time then it must display the dummy value respectively.

For Example: Press this button 3 times then it must show the same
value 3 times.

Please reply me soon because all my work is halt due to this problem

Looking forward to your reply...

Mustafa Bamboat

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