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I have tested the code you are referring and got it work after some changes. Please follow the instructions below:

Instructions to follow for Web Matrix..

Open ISBN.asmx in web matrix and run the file using web matrix inbuilt web server, in web browsers you will see something similar to “http://localhost:8080/isbn.asmx”. Copy this URL to somewhere for later use.

Now Generate the proxy Class for this web service by using “Web Service Proxy Generator” found in “Tools #61664; Web Service Proxy Generator”. On clicking this option a dialog box will appear.

In “XML Web Service Proxy Generator” dialog box fill the information as follows:

WSDL URL = “http://localhost:8080/isbn.asmx”

Namespace = ISBNService

Output Directory = C:\BegASPNET11\ch16

Source File = ISBNProxy

Generate Assembly = ISBNProxy.dll

Click on Generate. This will generate the source file named “ISBNProxy.vb” in the output directory and assembly named “ISBNProxy.dll” in the folder named bin under the output directory.

After process completion a confirmation message box will appear, click “OK” and then click “cancel” to get out of the “XML Web Service Proxy Generator” dialog box.

Now Open the aspx file named “BookInfo.aspx” and click on the “start” icon on the toolbar to run this file using the web matrix web server.

If all the instructions followed, you will see the result in web browser successfully.

Charul Shukla