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With the arrival of ASP.NET, ASP 3.0 is the latest and final update to ASP. Because of that PHP will probably evolve to a greater magnitude than classic ASP ever is. Having said that you can do anything in ASP that you can do in PHP, it’s just more difficult.

You write that “The new will be shown on a window and the others in another one.” Does this not mean that a user have to visit you site before your list changes? My point is this: If a user visits then you already got a trigger.

I’m not sure I fully understand what you are trying to accomplish. These list do their contain usernames from logged in visitors or is it just the number of visitors? In any case you can easily determine if a user is new or not (especially if log in is required). Write a cookie to the client the first time he/she visits your site and then check the existents of that cookie in your default page. Then you know… The pit falls of this is that you can’t be sure who the client is. Let say A visits your site and then leaves the computer (if it’s a public computer) and B uses the same machine to visit your site afterwards, then B will figure as an old visitor in your application. If it’s required to log in at your site on the other hand, then you can have a Boolean value in your database indicating weather a user is new or old.

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