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:)Hi Mega,

Thanks for replying. Actually the users are already registered in the database. In order to make the thing clear, I'll explain a real situation.

As I told you, I'm designing an educational web site where futur students will have to register in order to inscribe for a course.

Now, a registered user when he/she inscribes in one of my virtual classroom, will need to pay for that course. I use PayPal for this.

When a payment notice will be received from PayPal, then I'll have to go on the database and manually check a checkbox in order to activate the course of a student, the next time he/she logs in.

As for now, I must go on my mailbox, retreive the PayPal notices one by one, and activate the course by checking the database for each email address belonging to a registered user who has inscribed itself/herself.

I would like the system to go automatically look in my mailbox, retreive all new PayPal payment notices, and parse them in order to retreive the email address of the user who has made his/her payment and activate the course.

I cannot find a simple way with ASP on how to do that. But I'll find something in between, eventually; and I will follow also your and Imar recommandations. This will surely give me much more knowledge than what I have up to now.

By the way, you mentionned ASP.NET; do you recommand to shift to ASP.NET. I heard that it was completely different than regular ASP.

So many programming languages out there, to confuse people that have no starting knowledge over which one to choose from, once and for all, and for a long time.

Thanks again for your help and recommandations.


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