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I've tried $_POST method for one of the functions and it works on the next page!thank you.
However, i still have problem to pass the date.

On a.php:

//1st date
<SELECT name="MoSel" onchange="MonLen(YrSel, MoSel, DySel)"> </SELECT>
<SELECT name="DySel"> </SELECT>
<select name="YrSel" onChange="MonLen(YrSel, MoSel, DySel)"> </select>

<script language="JavaScript">
document.write(DropReadYMD(YrSel, MoSel, DySel));

//2nd date
<SELECT name="Mos" onchange="MonLen(Yrs, Mos, Dys)" >
<SELECT name="Dys"></SELECT>
<select name="Yrs" onChange="MonLen(Yrs, Mos, Dys)" >

<script language="JavaScript">
document.write(DropReadYMDn(Yrs, Mos, Dys));

<script language = "Javascript">

function DropReadYMD(Yr, Mo, Dy) {
  var Y = + Yr.options[Yr.selectedIndex].text
  var M = Mo.selectedIndex // 0..11
  var D = Dy.selectedIndex + 1
  return Y + '-' + Lz(M+1) + '-' + Lz(D); }

function X()
  with (document.forms['form1']) { return DropReadYMD(Yr, Mo, Dy) }

function Y()
   with (document.forms['form1']) { return DropReadYMDn(Yr, Mo, Dy) }
//both of the functions will give yyyy-mm-dd format

By using hidden fields on the same form to send the values;
<input type="hidden" name="date1" readonly="X();">
<input type="hidden" name="date2" readonly="Y();">

On b.php

$dt1 = $_Post['date1'];
$dt2 = $_Post['date2'];
$query="SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE Date >= '$dt1' and
       Date <= '$dt2';
//Date in yyyy-mm-dd format


I want to retrieve the information between date1 and date2 but nothing works =(. Does anyone has an idea to solve the problem?