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Here it goes !
It's a long story.
I have a good form data entry in VB6 and i have a good report on Access2002.
My target is to send data from form VB6 to report. I was faced to several
problems like:
1. The form sends data to tb1 that must have columns transposed to fit
on the report. So far so good, because i've just have had help from
JpJoe who taught me how to do the transpose in access.
2. The data entry form is for saving monthly informations about related work-days and some dozens employees. My first thought was to use the function
GetRows() to fill an array with data from tb1 and as the array (literature
keeps saying) can be retrieved randomly, to retrieve the data from the
array transposing columns and rows into a table tb2 (row source from the
access report). Tb1 and tb2 are on a Db.mdb. I have had a hard time trying
to retrieve data from the array to Tb2. Tb2 is created with a SQL string.
I have tried to use a function PopulateTable to send data to Tb2 from the
array.There is a p2p Topic about this but i have been lost on the road.
3.If i suppose that step 2 is solved, i will be on step 3 that will have
to do with manipulating the data in Tb2, so that i could have one employee
per page on the report.
Thanks for ur care.
Ask me for more informations.
Regards P.

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