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Default Suppress Stored Procedure Parameter Prompting


I migrated from CR 6.0 to CR8.5.
I find that when I try to run the Crystal reports 8.5 in Batch mode ( a set of 20 reports ) called from VC++ application and the stored procedure parameter being passed from the application using SETPPARAM. this was working fine in version CR6.0, but, it keeps prompting values for Stored Procedure parameter in each & every report.

Anyway, to over come this?

by the way, i tried using the CRPE API, setpromptingdialog ( false ). it results in "error detected in database dll".

Assume there are 2 parameters required for the Crystal Report
and a 3rd parameter which is the stored procedure parameter which appears as "@thirdparam" inside the report.

my code is :

myReport.SetParamField ( 0, param1)

myReport.SetParamField( 1, Param2)

myReport.setSPParam( 0, SPparam1 );

This was working fine in CR 6.0 without prompting during batch mode.

In 8.5, it pops up for each & every stoerd proc parameter.

this is very urgent. can someone help me?

Thanks & Regards

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