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I think your solution may work, but let me TRY to make this more clear.

Section A (Form #1) is nothing but a date that controls Sections B & C (Forms #2, #3). When the date changes, the information in B & C change accordingly.

Section B (Form #2) is a series of text inputs that have a value returned from the recordset based on the date of Section A (Form #1). Section B (Form #2) also has 2 date text inputs in it (DateRangeFrom and DateRangeTo). These two change according to the date given in Section A (Form #1) and can be manually changed at the users descretion(sp?). If they are changed, then the information in Section C (Form #3) changes accordingly.

Section C is a table that has a series of checkboxes to allow the user to select a particular row to be saved in the database for future reporting or viewing.

All of the information from Section A, B, and C (Forms 1, 2, and 3)then needs to be sent to another page to be saved in various tables to be retrieved later. The problem is that the information changes in Section B are not being captured and sent when the form submit button is press because it is only posting Section C (Form #3) data.
I tried using hidden fields that contain the same data as Section B, but if the user changes the Section B data, it will not update the hidden fields in Section C.
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