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I can certainly understand your frustration. This Access security thing can be confusing and down right annoying. Especially considering that ultimately it only adds a small level of security to the database -- it isn't that difficult to hack Access security.

But it does work to a certain degree and can be worth the effort. Nevertheless, if you're ready to give up...

To "remove" user level permissions, simply hook yourself up to the workgroup file using Workgroup Administrator then go remove the password from the Admin user.

Considering your struggles, I'm wondering if you even added a password to the Admin user to begin with?

Did you use the User Level Security set up wizard?

Are you working with a Front End / Back End database where your code (forms/queries/reports/etc) is in the front end and the tables are all in the back end? If so, the security needs to be set on the back end to prevent that from being opened directly.

If you're not completely ready to give up, you might want to try "starting over" with a resource at your side. Our book "Access 2003 VBA Programmers Reference" has a chapter on it. And if you're really serious there is one book that is dedicated to the topic. Unfortunately I've forgotten the title/publisher. Sorry.

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