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I created an Access database that contained the tables from the Pubs database in SQL Server. In order to get the project to run, I had to change the select statement as shown below. Once I did that, I didn't have any problems and all fields were bound to the DataView.


        objDataAdapter = New OleDbDataAdapter( _
            "SELECT dbo_authors.au_id, dbo_authors.au_lname, dbo_authors.au_fname, dbo_titles.title_id, dbo_titles.title, dbo_titles.price " & _
            "FROM (dbo_authors INNER JOIN dbo_titleauthor ON dbo_authors.au_id = dbo_titleauthor.au_id) INNER JOIN dbo_titles ON dbo_titleauthor.title_id = dbo_titles.title_id " & _
            "ORDER BY dbo_authors.au_lname, dbo_authors.au_fname;", objConnection)