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Default Windows authentication


I have the following problem, possible because I'm starting with VB.Net and ASP.NET. We have a Intranet working, build with MSFrontpage, running in a XP Pro machine. Our network is hosted in a windows2000 Server Edition. We (me and my boss) are making changes in our Intranet, and for several reasons we are using VB.Net and ASP.Net. The test pages are build in my machine (XP Pro also). The first aspx page need to have a windows authentication (from the html page I "jump" to an aspx page if I have a valid login ( it's a valid network login). In my web.config file, in the authentication Mode I set it to "windows" and in the authorization section I set it to <deny users =*">. When I launch the page it asks for the authentication with a windows window, with a box for username, password and domain, but never accepts the login I give (and it's a valid network login).
Any clue to solve this?


Elisa Resina
Elisa Resina
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