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for showing image in a datagrid there can b two approaches acc. to me :

1) u can create an 'image type' field in ur database and then make use
   of a bound column. But wot i feel is that this approach can make ur
   database too heavy. so to avoid this u can follow the 2nd app.
2) create an image folder in ur appln. directory.then u can use a
   template column and put an <img> tag there. This <img> tag will
   consist of the src of ur images folder along with the container
   for retrieving ur dataitems. Also ur database will contain an
   image column with any varchar/char datatype.

this shud solve it..
I knw it may sound a bit complicated .. but believe me it's easy :)


It bcums FATAL wen my brain puts my eyes on Call-Waiting ! >|B-)
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