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I'd like to second hillechien's thanks. Once I prepended searchresults.php with my local path to search.php everything worked as described in the book.

I have the following reservations about the code:

1. The amount of commenting for complex code, particularly in an educational setting, is atrocious.

2. Page 263 states that "There is no provision in the example for displaying YOUR SEARCH PRODUCED NO RESULTS message. However, the implementation of such a message would be relatively straightforward." If it is so easy to implement, why not complete the code and eliminate the confusion caused by getting "empty" results back? One of the major criticisms of this book is that it was difficult to determine if you were dealing with a lack of understanding of the example code or true bugs. That is not an ideal learning experience.

I have read the other comments about this book at the forum and they are generally negative. I like the structure and the selection of "professional" topics. I wish that the implementation had been more professional. There is a huge need for a book such as this and I am not sure that there are decent alternatives currently (anybody have one?). I would rather that Wrox not be defensive about the current edition and simply come up with a plan to resolve the deficiencies. The most obvious is to list the errata on-line. Maybe Wrox feels that the amount of errata would kill sales of the current edition. That might be the good news for all concerned, including Wrox. I don't know why they would wish to damage their reputation by implying that the book in its current state represents acceptable Wrox quality.