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Thanks for the link. Have tried these and various other combinations and still not having any luck.

1. Do I need to use a .mdw file (currently not using one as I don't need user level security)
2. As the default user in MSAccess is 'Admin', does there need to be an 'Admin' user in Logins associated with Linked Servers. (Have set one up but no apparent effect).
3. With sp_addlinkedsrvlogin I've tried the following values for @locallogin: Admin, sa, Null
4. @rmtpassword was set to Null

I have proved that the linked server can work, by taking the database password off the MSAccess database. As soon as I put the password back on I get the Error 7399 again.

I have also proved that using a password with the 'Admin' user (in MSAccess database) and not using a database password does work if the registry key does point to system.mdw (but this isn't what I was after).

Any addition advice? I can't see the woods for the trees at the moment.


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