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Default Dynamically replace nested frames?


I have a framed site that is the typical nav frame, title frame and content frame. One portion of the site has nested frames. What I mean is the content frame brings up a frameset inside it that contains two frames. This is a quiz that the user can take and one frame is the questions and the bottom frame is the navigation. Tha navigation for this frameset is as follows...

function goNext() {
  var currPage, i
  for (i=0; i<=(quiz.length-1); i++) {
    if (parent.main.document.location.href.indexOf(quiz[i].src) != -1) {
      parent.main.document.location.href = quiz[i+1].src

So basically I am cycling through an array and replacing the page in the questions frame. Now for my question...When the user gets to the last page in the quiz, I want to be able to send them to a totally different page within the content frame and replace the nested frameset. Does anyone know how to do this and not have the nested navigation frame still show up?

Clay Hess
Clay Hess
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