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You don't need the J# language unless you want to write your code in J#. I did not do anything special when i installed it, just ran the installation program and it installed. Granted, I have no tried to add a SQL DataSource to my program (i write all my database functionality in code). You may want to try doing that? For example, here's part of my code for adding something to a drop down list control:

'Sub procedure to Load the ATM Drop Down List
Dim cnATM As New SqlConnection("server=<server name>; database=<db name>; trusted_connection=true;")
Dim daATM As New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT CICS_ID FROM ATM", cnATM)
Dim dsATM As New DataSet

daATM.Fill(dsATM) 'Fill the DataSet
ddlATM.Items.Clear() 'Clear the items
ddlATM.DataSource = dsATM 'Set the Drop Down List's DataSource
ddlATM.DataValueField = "CICS_ID" 'Set the Drop Down List's DataValue Field
ddlATM.DataBind() 'Bind the Drop Down List
dsATM.Dispose() 'Dispose of the DataSet
daATM.Dispose() 'Dispose of the DataAdapter
If cnATM.State = ConnectionState.Open Then cnATM.Close() 'Close the connection if it is open

Thats all it takes to bind a column from a SQL database to a drop down list. Try doing that and let us know if it is still crashing. But remember, it's still in the Beta stage, so there might be a issue with the application and your system that is making it crash.