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One thing you'll want to make sure of, that you have MySQL 4.0.4 or later. The manual I'm looking at online says that's when multi-table UPDATE was implemented.

I'm not entirely sure, but you might have a problem with the multi-table UPDATE not knowing which table 'alias', 'real_name' or 'align' are supposed to be in. (ie, 1.alias, or m.alias) Everything else in the line (repeated below) is defined.

$sql = "UPDATE char_lair l, char_main m " .
           "SET l.zip_id='$zip', l.lair_addr='$address', " .
           "alias='$alias', real_name='$name', align='$align' " .
           "WHERE = $cid AND m.lair_id =";

I don't see anything else that looks wrong about it, and I haven't had a chance to try the programs yet... I've only had the book for a day.


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