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Well, I don't use Oracle so I can't recommend anything there.

As far a general windows applications, I have found the book Mastering VB.Net from Sybex to be very useful. There are some errors, but I believe that it has an errata that has been published. A few errors are to be expected in a book that size as it is over 1000 pages. I also believe it was written for .Net 1.0 but I have found very few changes in the code presented. There are often times when I just need to look something up and this is the book that will have the answer I need or something like it 9 times out of 10. You can probably pick it up on Amazon for around $10.

I have also used Professional Crystal Reports and have found it to be very useful and to the point.

I just got the book "User Interfaces in VB.Net". I haven't had the time to read it but just glancing through it makes me think it has some very useful topics regarding forms and building custom controls.


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