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This is really pissing me off now!
Not the best way to solicit help from the community.

The book does have a forum: (PHP 4 Book) (PHP 5 Book)

Troubleshooting Sessions:
Did you restart Apache after setting the session.save_path directive?

Can you verify that session files are being created at C:\temp?

What about the session id, are you passing the session id via a URL or via cookies?

Are cookies enabled in your browser?

Can you verify that a session cookie is being created by your browser (find the raw cookie file for your domain)?

Does the cookie file have the session id in it?

Do you have a firewall enabled (sometimes a firewall can cause conflicts with the session cookie)?

Do you have error_reporting activated (error_reporting = E_ALL in php.ini)?

Are errors being logged (log_errors = off in php.ini)?

Are errors being displayed (display_errors = on in php.ini)?

As you can see lots of things can be misconfigured and cause you to miss out on error information, or cause your sessions to fail.

Finally, since not everyone has the book, post relevant snips of code, so we can see what you're working with.


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