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Default Issue of downloading Excel file(resent)

Hi there,
I have an asp program that generate Excel file it works on my local machine even for a big file(3 M). But after It is deployed to web server(IIS 5), it works for a small file(1.7M), but id does not work for a bigger file(3M). I debugged and found out script timeout. So I changed server.scripttimeout into 900 seconds, but it does not work yet. By the way I use HTTPS on server. Any one who knows how to fix it please help. Thanks a lot.
The following code is example of my ASP file.

<%@ Language=VBScript %>

    Rs.Open "strSQL", "cnString"

    if not rs.EOF then
        Response.Write("<table border=1 align=center cellSpacing=0 > ")
        'Display details of the records in the current page
            Response.Write(" <tr> ")

            for i=0 to fldsNum-1
                Response.Write("<td>"&Rs.Fields.Item(i).Name&" </td>")
            Response.Write(" </tr> ")
        while not rs.EOF
            Response.Write(" <tr> ")

            for i=0 to fldsNum-1
                Response.Write("<td nowrap>"&Rs.Fields.Item(i).Value&" </td>")
            Response.Write(" </tr> ")
        Response.Write(" </table><BR> ")
        Response.Write("<p> Records found: "&jj&"</P><BR><BR>")
        Response.Write("No records are found in this search!")
    end if
    set rs=nothing