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      Server Error : Cannot create folder "images".

   This error occurs when either FrontPage Server Extensions are not installed or even if they are installed, then the virtual directory _vti_bin might not have been marked executable.

RESOLUTION: The resolution is as follows:

        1. Check whether FrontPage Server Extensions are installed. If they aren't then install them.

        2. If FrontPage Server Extensions are installed and even then you are encountering this error, then do the following:
 * Open Internet Services Manager.
 * Right click on the server having the problem.
 * Point to All Tasks and click Check Server Extensions.

The above resolution applies to Internet Information Services 5.0 which ships with Microsoft Windows 2000. I am using the same operating system and assuming that you are also using the same OS and
IIS 5.

   Please don't forget to write to me whether you got rid of this error or not. My Email ID is: