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Ok, maybe I need to explain this better. Created a recordset like this:

SELECT Mastername.Mastername, UserInformation1.F17, UserInformation4.F18, UserInformation4.F19, UserInformation4.F21, UserInformation4.F22, UserInformation4.F20, (Userinformation3.F27 + UserInformation3.F30) AS [Dollar Investment]

FROM ((Mastername LEFT JOIN UserInformation3 ON Mastername.ID = UserInformation3.ID) LEFT JOIN UserInformation4 ON Mastername.ID = UserInformation4.ID) LEFT JOIN UserInformation1 ON Mastername.ID = UserInformation1.ID

WHERE (((Mastername.Mastername)<>'Blah Blah Blah') AND ((UserInformation1.F17)<>''))
ORDER BY Mastername.Mastername

I want to add a new column in my webpage that takes

(UserInformation1.F17 + Userinformation3.F27 / SUM(UserInformation1.F17))

to give me a pecentage value for each entry.

However I get an error saying that I can't execute a query as part of an aggregate function...

Please help...