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Hi Imar, old question but I can't find the answer - probably because I'm a complete novice and most of the stuff you've said already is way beyond me.

Im getting the error message

"Cannot update. Database or object is read only."

My code works OK on my local PC but when I load it onto my ISP server, I get this error. I understand that it is to do with permissions and I've read what you've said before (and looked at your FAQ on your website) but what I don't understand is how to set the permissions on the remote Database.

Please could you explain (in VERY basic terms) how I should solve my problem and what things like IUSR_MachineName means?

quote:Originally posted by Imar
 Hmmm, odd.

Here are a few things to check:

1. Find out under which account IIS is running. You'll find this name on the Directory Security of the Properties dialog for your Web site. Check whether Anonymous access has been enabled or not.

2. Check that you're actually setting the permissions for the correct database. This may sound obvious, but it's important that you set the settings for the .mdb file in the scope of your Web folder (usually somewhere under Inetpub\wwwroot) and not the one you use for development.

3. Make sure you have a valid connection string to your database. Check here for info:

4. Make sure your database is not password protected and that you're not trying to connect to it using a username / password combination that doesn't exist.

5. Check the ReadOnly property of the /mdb file on disk. Maybe the physical file or folder is read-only.

If all this doesn't help, I suggest you provide some info about your setup (Web server, folder, etc) and post the code for the page you're trying to run.



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