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I am seriously annoyed that the MySQL installation is not going at all as laid out in the Beginning PHP, Apache, MySQL book. I went through several hours trying to find the large, medium and small .cnf files that were not in the MySQL 4.0.24 download. Finally coming here and finding this forum and these posts, I copied the file so kindly posted by Josh to Notepad, and saved it as a .txt file named my.cnf, and saved that to a folder that I created in C:\ (not C:\MySQL??) and when I opened said folder there was an icon that identifies it as a 'SpeedDial' and the file was just called 'my' and it cannot be opened now with Notepad!!...
If I have done something wrong here, would someone point it out to me, please...
In trying to resolve some of the difficulties that arise because the installation of MySQL does NOT proceed as laid out in the book, I downloaded and installed the ODBC driver 3.51: can anyone tell me if I done good... ?
Most of the command prompts, as laid out in the book on pages 23 and 24, do not yield the expected results at all: "mysql> DELETE FROM user WHERE Host='localhost' AND User='';" gives me "ERROR 1046: No Database Selected" ...and "C:\>c:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin reload" gives me "c:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin reload failed;error: 'Access denied. You need RELOAD privelege for this operation.'" ... Similarly the choose_a_password command does not give the response as indicated in the book, and the command "c:\mysql\bin\mysql -h localhost -u root -p" gives "ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost'<Using password:YES>" ... and "c:\mysql\bin\mysql mysql" gives "ERROR 1044..." ---BUT, "c:\mysql\bin\mysql -u root -p" does yield the indicated response of Fig 1-8 of the book when I enter the password that I set up in C:\MySQL\bin\winmysqladmin .
This is not going well at all.
If anyone can steer me so that I can get back on track, I would be VERY HAPPY!!

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