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First off, apologies are not necessary. I want people you to tell me when you find mistakes so I can try to fix them or explain them better.

1) You are right, it should be "which is decimal" not "with is decimal". Good catch!

2) You are correct again. It is the signed right shift that fills in the bits with the sign bit. I wish I could find my notes for this section, I suspect I was trying to explain an example that was ultimately pulled. For instance, -64 >> 5 >>> 1 does return 2147483616.

3) There is indeed a minus sign missing in that example.

4) I can understand your confusion on this point. The number is the two's complement of 64, which actually represents -64. Perhaps I could have worded that better in order to avoid the confusion.

Thanks again for taking the time to dig into these issues. I really appreciate it (you'd make a good technical editor).


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