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//*This coding developed C.Elamaprithi M.C.A..*\//Mail;, \--------------------------------------------------------
1 first you know one thing,html control and server control is different,using server control to specfic runat="server" inside of tag.
2.inside script block to access the server control using two ways
  a.document.(form name).elements.txtcount.value
  b. document.all.item("control name").value
using script side
function recalStkBal()
    document.all.item("txtStkBal").value=parseFloat(do cument.all.item("txtOpenbal").value)-parseFloat(document.all.item("txtStkDed").value);}
with in code behid using this code
private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)

            txtOpenBal.Attributes.Add("onblur","recalStkBal()" )


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