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Looking at the error message it appears that you are missing a message properties file required by the taglib.

Both Chapter 18 and Chapter 19 have paragraphs that discuss this file and it's location and Chapter 18 contains some contents for that file.

While debugging JSP can be confusing at times, and simple configuration errors seems to create massive failures, your issues seem to stem from a single problem that should be simple to fix.

Creating so many examples for a book is very time consuming and is prone to human mistakes. We tried very hard to minimise those and do apologise for any that have survived the editing process.

There is an upside, debugging is a very important skill for software developers, so look at this as a head start to your competition that you'll have already been able to identify and work out these issues.

Searching these and other forums and using Google will also be invaluable tools for furthering your knowledge of Java development.
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