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Default Chapter 7 p 214 code didn't work, changes needed..

I am working through the book (page by page, hence all the posts).

Currently I am working through Chapter 7, building a windows app that connects to the Reporting Services web service to manage reports.

On page 214 it tells us to create a new class and name it RSUtilities. It tells us to add and [projectName].ReportingWebService

I had to also add:

or I could not work with the Soap protocol.

If anyone else gets Soap related code errors showing up this may be what you need to do.

Using code on page 215 I got the following error:
C:\NetProjects\ReportServicesManager\ProfessionalS QLReportingServicesManager\MainForm.vb(298): 'ProfessionalSQLReportingServicesManager.RSUtiliti es.Private Shared Sub ErrorHandler(ex As System.Exception)' is not accessible in this context because it is 'Private'.

I changed the way I declared my sub to this:
Shared Sub ErrorHandler(ByVal ex As Exception)
and the error went away.

If this is not proper, please someone let me know.

Sandy Murdock MCP
Sandy Murdock MCP