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quote:Originally posted by marcostraf
 in which line are you getting this error?
BTW why are you using a Activex exe? isn't a ActiveX dll enough?
   Actually i Have created one Activex Exe for Searching a record. the purpose of this Activex Exe is gets the vwName as an input and show the fields of the view in a list view. In that list view there is facility of searching and sorting of records. After user selects any Record the Activex Exe will raise an even to calling program and then calling program gets the selected value from the listview of Activex Exe. After raising an event Activex Exe gets unload.
   When Activex Exe gets unload i get the error of "440 Automation Error" (Note: when i open the Activex Exe in a vbmodeless mode it works fine).
   waiting for your urgent reply.

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