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Hi Leon,

So you mean to say that it is just the bad news, as expected result wasn't seen. ;)

I doubt the way your checkboxes are named. Can you also post the code from the FORM where you use the checkboxes? You should have all the checkboxes named as "fields_of_interest" and requesting that would result in values checked, separated by comma. If you say there is nothing coming from the "strList" then there is something wrong at the first step itself. Got to see more code to find where it goes wrong.

And what gets executed is just this - SELECT ApplicantID FROM internship_form where isArchive=0

If at all there is value in strList then you should atleast get close to the result expected. If you are gonna use an expression in the query before split and for loop, then AND should be there always, and your FOR loop code should look like.
For i=lbound(ArrChecked) to ubound(ArrChecked)
    mySQL = mySQL & " AND " & CHARINDEX(ArrChecked(i), fields_of_interest) > 0
Hope that helps.

- Vijay G
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