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Default Could not convert to environment national char...


I'm Using Oracle 9ias and while trying to import a dump file sent by my friend, i've been facing the following problem. The sent file name is "temp.dmp" and the username is oraadmin and password is password.
so i've used the following imp statement in the command prompt
>imp oraadmin/password file="c:/temp.dmp"

initially it gives error like "IMP-0013: only a DBA can import a file exported by another DBA". so i look over our forum and find a solution. GRANT DBA permission to my username oraadmin and then inputs the same command. now the new error comes as "EXPORT file created by EXPORT:V08.01.07 via conventional path import done in WE8IS08859P1 character set and WE8IS08859P1 NCHAR character set
IMP-00069: Could not convert to environment national character set's handle
IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully"

please guide me to solve this problem.

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