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I am afraid Peter is right, so you'll have to get used to the idea.

.NET applications run on the .NET Framework which *is* a requirement for any .NET application. Consider something simple like this:

Console.WriteLine("Hello World");

For you, this is a simple statement to write Hello World to the console. However, under the hood, this single line triggers quite some code that is responsible for displaying the text on the console. This code is hosted in the .NET Framework that abstracts and hides all the complexity of something as simple as writing to the console for you.

The same principle applies to other .NET technologies like Win Forms, ASP.NET applications, Windows Services etc. They all require the .NET Framework.

It's the same with Java applications. You cannot run a Java application without the Java virtual machine / run-time environment. The only difference with .NET is that the Java VM is available for many different OS'es.

If you want to go cross-platform take a look at Project Mono. It's an open source implementation of .NET. It isn't finished yet but it looks like an interesting opportunity. However, even Mono requires some sort of Mono .NET framework on the client's machine.


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