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Disable right click, disable text select and add a top frame with a frame jammer.
That is one of the most annoying "features" so-called "web designers" (try to) implement. Right up there with unrequested popups and scrolling marquees. Personally, I find pages implementing said features to be amateur and when all is said and done, don't have a lick of content worth "stealing" in the first place. All you are really doing is annoying your users, because 99% of them just want to use the context menu "back" or "refresh" controls, or other helpful UI features provided by the context menu. Do you really think the average user even knows what the "view source" control does? And if the user isn't your average no-technical-know-how web surfer, do you really think they don't know how to open their browser's cache, or disable scripting? It's very unlikely it'll ever serve the purpose you intended it to. If you don't want someone to download your content, don't make a website in the first place! Stunts like this are what cause users to disable scripting, and gives an otherwise very useful language a bad name. This is also, AFAIK, the top reason the oncontextmenu event isn't implemented in Opera (we'll lamment endlessly for those three or four users).


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