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Hi, my english sucks, so I hope you can understand it

The problem appeared when I tried to move the value of a textbox to one of the parameters of a SQL query, i fixed it by adding a new parameter to the DataAdapter
Lines of code 2 & 3 produced that error. Line 1 was added to fix it.

1. OleDbDataAdapter3.SelectCommand.Parameters.Add("?n umc", OleDb.OleDbType.Integer)
2. OleDbDataAdapter3.SelectCommand.Parameters.Item("? numc").Value = Me.txtBuscar.Text
3. OleDbDataAdapter3.Fill(DsBusqueda1, "qry_condomino")

Suerte ;)


P.D. : Odio que me exigan registrarme ¬¬, hasta para ofrecer soluciones hay que hacerlo ¬¬