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Hi Raghavendra,

Thanks for the code. I can generate checkboxes on Flexgrid but now the problem arises when the records to be displayed are more than the one that can be accomodated in the flexgrid. In such case when i check any record (say nth record) and scroll down, then allways the nth checkbox in the flexgrid view is shown checked,though the record details are different. The flexgrid view (in relation to checkbox) seems fixed on scrolling down.

Let me explain it further. Suppose i check 2,3 and 6th record
in the flexgrid. When i scroll down then the corresponding 2,3 and 6th record in the current view are shown checked though the original 2,3 and 6th records have scrolled up. This view remains fixed till i scroll to the end.The values that I get of the checked checkboxes are those of the original ones.

Any idea how to fix this?


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