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Hello Raghavendra Mudugal,

Here is a screen capture of a word document and it's contents.

I am sorry for the vague explanation on the previous post.

If you look at the word doc. (screen capture), you can see that on the left, there are qns and on the right; ans. This is a questionaire form.

The qns and ans are already stored in the database and if there are new/additional qns & ans, the User will be able to insert/update through the main form.

For now, i am looking at how to allow the User, to extract the data and generate a questionaire form (word doc.) either by selecting the qns & ans, or drag-n-drop.

Maybe the questionaire form, can be first generated in an MS Access and then through conversion tools... export to MS word.

I am having trouble at how the User should be able to extract the data, since you are experienced, i think it is wise to seek your advice for the most appropriate method.

Apologise if the description is still unclear, do not hesitate to inform me if so.

Thank You so much!

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