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Sounds like an interesting assignment.

In principle, the worksheet is merely a User interface of the VBA code behind the scenes, you are just passing values from the front end to the backend. What I have done of Linear programming in the past has only been fairly basic compared to your requirements, but excel can handle these both in the front end and through the use of User Defined Functions (UDF) combined with VBA programming. UDF's are by far and away more versatile, however the can be a bit cranky occasionally. For instance you could write a UDF that calculates the result of a variant of the Chi squared calculation, there is already a CHITEST calc but you may want a different statistical calculation. As far as I am aware this is not a standard function in Excel but because you are creating it, it can work.

To create a UDF is fairly easy, there's plenty of manuals available on UDFs and here on the boards we are always ready to help in any way we can, only don't ask us to do you work, make your questions quite specific.

Hope this is helpful.

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