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Default Convert Wizard Report to Custom Report

I have been trying to get a report with grouping, it is a report from a survey which shows the:

      Question Group Title
    Answer 1
    Answer 2
    Answer 3

    Answer 1
    Answer 2
    Answer 3

        Question Group 2 Title


I can get the report to show the question group title properly (at the beginning of the group of questions) but I cannot get the answers to group properly.

I decide to see if the Wizard could produce this report. It can. HOWEVER, I use stored procedures and in order to get my report to work instead of just declaring the name of the proc and declaring the parameters (as report parameters) I am forced to use the exec command and hard-code parameters.

When I do that I get the report I want. That proves it can be done.

I have gone back into the Wizard created report and added report parameters but when I try to force my data set to use them I just get an error and it won't work.

I have also tried to look at the form created by the wizard and see how it created the groups (to duplicate the method) but I can't get the same result.

So, how can I use the wizard to create reports based on stored procedures with parameters, then go back and get the report to recognize and use parameters when I add them to the report.

Is that confusing enough?


Sandy Murdock MCP
Sandy Murdock MCP