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There are situations where you can load data in differen methods, for example bcp vs insert. The data will fail if you use an insert but the bcp has looser acceptance logic and thus will accept the data. When I have come across this it was always because of a strange character. Display the line you know that fails on it's acsii value for every character in the line. Or try to insert the line into itself but field at a time to identify what field is the problem. The error your getting is not the correct error. Its not a length issue its likely a strange character issue. The data was likely brought in with a etl process, bcp, or some non insert type process that circumvented the logic in place the way your currently adding the same data in. Find the strange character, change it to a blank or delete it and you should be able to do what you want to do. After you identify what character that is write some code to look for the same value in other places.

Hope this helps

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