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Modular and robust applications are not about the IDEs that are used to make them as much as they are about a good design.

Microsoft may say a lot of things but as far as VC++ 6.0 and VC++.NET are concerned I would say they are not hugely different. And as you mentioned, you have used ActiveX cotrols to in your application I would suggest that you stick to VC++ 6.0 unless there is some specific .NET feature that you are eyeing to make use of 'cause your application is working fine right now and you have been able to tune these controls in 6.0 IDE. The shift, however, may require you to retune them and you may even run into compatiblity problem with some of them.

However for the sake of exploring arround you can convert a copy your 6.0 code to .NET using .NET converter and once manually to get a better idea if the shift brings anything to the table.

Ankur Verma
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