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Default Export Table from Access to Excel


I am trying to perform export of a table in Access Database to a xls spreasheet.

For this I am using the command:

DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, 8, "Report", Me!txtExportFileName, True

However I get a tick (') in the all the data exported. This happens for the fields which are of of Type TEXT only.

The Data Columns in the xls looks something like:

'Date 'Place
'1/1/2004 'Chicago
'12/1/2003 'Seattle

Now if I change the Date field type to DATE I do not see the ticks anymore. It looks something like this:

'Date 'Place
1/1/2004 'Chicago
12/1/2003 'Seattle

Has someone faced a similar issue before.

Any solution?


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