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Default Strong name to msinet wrapper dlls

Hi All,

I have added msinet.ocx control to the tool box in project.
And I have added the control the form. It has created two wrapper dlls "AxInterop.InetCtlsObjects" and "Interop.InetCtlsObjects".
I have already assigned strong name the existing application.
So, the project requires all other referenced dlls i.e (AxInterop.InetCtlsObjects and Interop.InetCtlsObjects) also should be strong named. This is where i am facing the problem.
Problem is coming... while trying to assign a strong name to the wrapper dlls mentioned above.
It is saying that "AxInterop.InetCtlsObjects is not a valid type library".

I dont know how to proceed further ... any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance
Ramesh U