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"From the moment something is up the net, it's not yours anymore; it's public."

This is either the most ill-thought out statement I have ever seen, or it is indicative of true ignorance...I haven't decided which yet.

Ever hear of copyright laws? Intellectual property laws?

Consider this scenario...
You are writing a book; you're stuck for ideas.
You read, or remember reading somewhere, a storyline that you like and think it would be cool to include it in your book. So you toddle off down to the local library, find the book, tear out the pages you want and take them home with you.

Sound ridiculous?
Of course it does...and yet it is exactly what Pericles implies one is allowed to do with his..."Its not yours anymore.....its public." statement.

It may be publicly accessible, but that does not make it "not yours" anymore.
Films are public, yet the filmaker retains the copyright to that film, books are public, yet the author retains the copyright to the contents of that book, magazines, dvd's, music CD's, etc ... same. And its also the same with web content.

You may argue its public, if that makes you feel better about stealing it...but its still theft.