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Of course, the contents of the form in one page is not directly available to the page in frame "result" (but you know that, of course...).

But you can address "result" from "zoek".

If you change your button so that it is not a submit button, but use it to run code within form.htm, you can directly send info to fram "result".
Using the parent, you can get to the frameset, which has two objects, "zoek" & "result"
using result, you can address controls on the page within that frame.

So if relult .asp were
  dim test  

  test = Request.Form("text") 
    <form method="post">
        <input name="box" type="text">
you should be able to fill in Parent.result["box"].value from code running in form.htm.
(I forget the exact syntax: parent["result]["box"].value, maybe?)

Hopefully this will get you on the right track.

All of this is client-side, of course. (By the way, use square brackets to modify the appearance of your posts, like—to initiate a code listing—[ c o d e ] . . . [ / c o d e ] {but without the spaces}.)
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