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In the case of Oracle, there is a program for talking to the database textually called SQLPlus. Usin gthis program which looks much like NotePad, you can manipulate the database directly. You can retrieve information (records, table definitions, account stati, etc.).

You can also create users using language specific to Oracle.

If you create a connection to an Oracle DB in VB, you can do exactly the same thing by passing textual instructions over the connection, using a command object.

I’m quite sure the SQL Server is exactly the same.

It is important that the connection be made using the login of the person having the approriate authority level for what the actions will be, but I presume you will be able to do that.

Again, in Oracle, if you are going to make objects for the person to use (such as tables, stored procedures, etc), the connection will need to be established impersonating that user if they are to have authority over the objects. I presume it is similar in SQL Server.