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Hmmmmm.... I'm not sure that I understand what you're trying to do (which pretty much ensures that I won't provide a useful answer).

It is true that because you perform the personalization actions in the browser, your latest changes can't be saved until you post your data back to the server where ASP.NET can process your changes. Talking about logging out: If you use the ASP.NET logout option through the LoginStatus control you will get your page posted back to the server for processing and give ASP.NET's personalization code a chance to run.
   However, and I may be out to lunch here, as soon as you finish any WebPart personalization action that I can think of, the page automatically posts back to the server. This is why I suspect that I'm missing your point.

Are you asking if there's any way to trigger a postback to the server from client-side code? If so, the answer is yes--the question is just what client-side event you want to attach the client-side code to. But because I'm tied up thinking that the page will postback anyway, I'm not sure why you'd want to add the client-side code.

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