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Ok as mentioned in the other thread it's harder to get the example db working with SQL 2005 than with SQL Express (but not impossible). I've consulted with Dave Sussman and here's his solution (I haven't yet got SQL 2005 but will have it shortly):

There are several things that need doing to WroxUnited to run everything in full SQL

1. Add the [machine\ASPNET] and [NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE] as logins
2. Attach the database (wroxunited.mdf), makeing ASPNET the db_owner
3. Add [machine\ASPNET] and [NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE] as database users
4 Change the connection strings in web.config. That should be all for the WroxUnited database - then there's the providers, which can either be added to WroxUnited db or to a separate one.
5. Run aspnet_regsql (in the framework directory), to add the user/roles/etc tables/procs to he appropriate datbase
6. Add provider sections in web.config, for <membership>, <roles>, <profile>, setting the default provider for each to the new provider added. These providers should point at the ConnectionString for the database (so either WroxUnited or a new conn str if using another database).

The error message I must admit is odd, the remote connections bit is slightly offputting, that isn't the kind of error message we'd normally expect. However before we pursue that line of inquiry any further, please try the above first.


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