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quote:Originally posted by rjweers
 You are correct... HOWEVER...

You could create a Master form. Then put the DataSheet view form and the single record form as subforms on that master.

Assuming that you want the single record form to display data from the selected record in the DataSheet view form, the trick then is how to link the item selected in the DataSheet form with the data in the single record form.

Actually, that's quite easy. In the OnCurrent event of the datasheet view, post the ID of the current record to a hidden text form on the master form. E.g.

Me.Parent.Form.txtHiddenID = Me.IDField

Then you Link the single record subform with that text field. NOTE: You can't use the wizard to set the Master and Child Link fields. You can type them in yourself.
Hi I am trying to create a form (tabular) and a subform (datasheet) that works in the reverse order, whereby upon choosing the Student Name, it will display the subjects taken by the students, the lecturer teaching the subject and the grades of the subjects in the subform. Upon selecting one of the subjects it will be able to display the corresponding information in the form's textboxes for editing. Is this feasible. Can anyone kindly please advise how I can link the subforms back to the form i.e. when I select one entry in the datasheet of the subform, it will be display in the form for editing purposes? Thanks alot.

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